Mildronate Reloaded: Sharapova Banned?


So I just got word that Maria Sharapova, the world famous tennis player, who is now infamous for her use of Meldonium (brand name for Mildronate), has been banned for two years from the sport of tennis. In the wake of this scandal has come a flurry of requests for the drug she was taking. Read on to learn how to acquire this substance, learn of its benefits, and understand why it might be quickly becoming the best performance enhancer known to date!

Maria Sharapova is not alone. Many athletes today, almost all professional athletes, are using some kind of performance enhancement. What makes this unique however, is that Mildronate is so beneficial for wellbeing and should not be, in my opinion, treated as an illicit doping substance. Indeed, even WADA (the World Anti-Doping Agency) has failed to prove it can actually be a performance enhancer.

I can personally attest to the benefits of Mildronate. As I wrote about previously, Mildronate has a special place in my cabinet of supplements that help increase wellbeing, enhance lifestyle and promotes cerebral circulation.

This special, and fairly benign substance, is used in the body as a special enzyme to enhance energy production. It is based on butyrobetaine, with a special attachment of different type of “leg” on the chemical compound, which helps keep it from being degraded quickly in the body.

This is not an androgenic substance, or anabolic hormone. It is also not a stimulant like amphetamine or ritalin. It is simply a substrate to help the body perform better under stress. It has anti-ischemic properties, which is when the body or brain is lacking oxygen. So a victim of a heart attack or stroke can benefit from this due to its effect on metabolism and circulation.

I have found it to be incredibly useful for attention, concentration, and physical wellbeing. My body and brain work better when I am taking 500-800mg daily of this substance. Anything more than that seems to be overkill btw.

This is unlike Growth Hormone, EPO (red blood cell enhancement) Testosterone or Anabolic substances, which override our bodies own natural production or metabolism. In my opinion, anything which does not interfere with natural processes should be considered beneficial and not be used as a target for doping hysteria.

But that is just it. For now, this is all hysteria. The Olympic Committee loves to be in the spotlight and be perceived as champions of justice. When the reality is, there is more corruption within its rank than there is helpful outcomes from its legislation.

Where to Buy Mildronate

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