Sucrose and Exercise Intolerance

Simple Table Sugar can Supercharge Workouts. Exercise Intolerance is more than just a simple dread of working out. For some people, those with a disease known as Mc Ardle’s disease,¬† exercise can be a toxic affair. Mc Ardle’s disease is a rare affliction that affects the body’s ability to store glucose in the muscle, otherwise known as glycogen. As anyone …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffSucrose and Exercise Intolerance

Delicious No-Bake Cookie Recipes

I would much rather “eat” something than drink it so I’ve been on a kick lately to make my own no-bake cookie mixes. The act of chewing is a very satisfying experience and it helps quell the brains desire for food. Ever notice how easy it is to drink a ton of calories and still feel the need to nibble?

Metabolic Alchemy StaffDelicious No-Bake Cookie Recipes

Make What You Eat for Fat Loss

Scientist’s Recent Discovery Sheds Light on the Pleasure-Reward System I’ve always advocated two basic food habits. One, shop around the outside of the store – avoiding foods that don’t need refrigeration – which ultimately leads to healthier food choices. Meats, dairy, Fruits and vegetables, along with nuts. Two, always prepare the meal yourself. If you make a meal then you …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffMake What You Eat for Fat Loss

Acid Found in Apples Dramatically Increase Lipolysis

Ursolic Acid Has Profound Impact on Release of Fat Stores Most people who have spent any time at all researching fat loss will tell you that lipolysis is rarely the rate-limiting step in fat loss. In other words, a lack of lipolysis (the release of stored fat into the bloodstream) is not the real problem when it comes to fat …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffAcid Found in Apples Dramatically Increase Lipolysis

Breakfast Makes you Fat : Kinda

We’ve all been told that eating a nutritious breakfast is a great way to start the day! Well that’s what Kellogg’s wants us to think anyways. But what about it’s effect on metabolism? Isn’t it true that if you skip breakfast your metabolism will crawl to a halt and you’ll become a fat slob?

Metabolic Alchemy StaffBreakfast Makes you Fat : Kinda

Glutamine Prevents Muscle Loss

About ten years ago Glutamine became the next Creatine. But after a while all the hype began to wane and everyone went back to their normal daily routine. Some people still choke it down while others, including myself, gave up on it. I personally did so because it gave me miserable gas. But just recently a study was published showing …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffGlutamine Prevents Muscle Loss

PPAR-Delta Enhances Fat Loss, Muscular Endurance.

Much is known about PPAR-Alpha and Gamma, two receptors that when activated, perform a whole series of beneficial effects on fatty acid metabolism. Fibrates and Thiazolides are two kinds of medications that have been created to aid in cholesterol reduction and insulin sensitivity, respectively. But there is a third type, known as PPAR-Delta (Or Beta if you live in Europe …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffPPAR-Delta Enhances Fat Loss, Muscular Endurance.

Sesamin PDC and Creatine

As a follow up to my original article on Sesamin I thought I would share something valuable I found about Sesamin, or any other PPAR-alpha agonist (including fibrates, fish oil and other select compounds). You see, it was brought¬† to my attention by another reader, that he too experienced lack of energy while using hemp oil and a few other …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffSesamin PDC and Creatine

Another Reason Fiber is Awesome

For years people have been preaching – Eat more Fiber!! It’s not just because it makes you feel full however. It helps lower cholesterol, it slows down the absorption of sugar (you can turn a highly glycemic cup of cappucino into a perfect slow drip sugar by choking down a few fiber tabs before drinking it) and now we can …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffAnother Reason Fiber is Awesome

Top Ten Insulin Sensitizers Part Three

The wait is finally over. Yes, I promised you a list of top ten things that will increase your insulin sensitivity. But before I gave away those secrets I also explained to you why you want to increase insulin sensitivity in the first place, and that included a short discussion on what has happened to make your body insensitive to …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffTop Ten Insulin Sensitizers Part Three