What is Metabolic Alchemy?

Metabolic Alchemy is an experiment, an artform attempting to change our physical bodies through the use of alchemical principles. Metabolic Alchemy spans many different disciplines and includes chemistry, psychology, pharmacology, nutrition, physiology, and pretty much ANYTHING THAT WORKS TO FAVORABLY ALTER OUR PHYSICAL FORM. Metabolic Alchemy starts with the idea that we are not slaves to our own genetics, but nor are we free of it’s influence. We can manipulate our own physical processes through mediums like meditation and herbal supplementation. If buddhist monks can slow their heartbeat to a crawl using only the power of their mind and breath, then we should not only be able to favorably alter our physical selves in such ways but even go beyond and transform our bodies into the fat burning, muscle building machines that they are capable of being. If the latest in cholesterol lowering agents happens to affect our body at an actual GENETIC LEVEL then why wouldn’t we be able to foresee a possible use for it within the context of maintaining a healthier bodyweight and blood sugar level? This are the kinds of topics I hope to explore here.

Metabolic Alchemy is more than just manipulating our superficial qualities such as bodyfat percentage or 1 rep max though. It is also a transformation on a mental and spiritual level. The discipline that followers of these principles will develop may find their own lives transforming in ways they never thought possible. For instance, overcoming our emotional attachment to food may end up opening us up to a level of self-acceptance we never had before. Metabolic Alchemy states that we change our physical world only when we change our mental perception, and the beautiful part of this is the opposite quietly occurs, our mental perceptions begin to change as our bodies transform. Throughout the journey of physical transformation we learn much about ourselves and awaken new attitudes, beliefs and feelings that lead us to live happier, healthier and more productive lives outside of the kitchen and the gym.

To sum up Metabolic Alchemy in a few words is difficult especially because as I write this, I am not yet myself fully aware of what it means. I only know that the singular passion I have for this field of study moves me to step out into the unknown and find out what is on the other side. I invite you to join me, both as a comrade and as a fellow teacher. I will have much to learn from my readers as I will from the journal excerpts and scientific studies that I peruse to help Metabolic Alchemy become what I hope it will one day become.

Thank you for reading…