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Q&A Cerebrolysin and Anxiety Relief

I have been getting quite a few questions lately, and requests for my regimen details. Instead of responding via email, I’m going to post them here to help others and to open up discussion to those who may have found even better solutions. Please, if you have any comments or questions, hit me up or better yet, leave a comment! …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffQ&A Cerebrolysin and Anxiety Relief
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Can You Become Limitless?

I’m proud to invite Marc McDougal of Depasi Fitness Solutions to write on Metabolic Alchemy. Here’s an article he wrote for us about smart drugs and what they can (and just as importantly, can’t) do for you.

Metabolic Alchemy StaffCan You Become Limitless?
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Creatine for Depression

I heard it once said that the opposite of depression is not happiness. It is vitality. Those with depression experience a loss of vital energy that is needed to engage in what others would consider small tasks. It should be of no surprise then, even though I was a bit taken back, that something as simple as Creatine Monohydrate could …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffCreatine for Depression
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Dangerous Side Effect Of Melanotan: Rhabdomyolysis

Many people are now using a research peptide called Melanotan II, which increases melanin secretion, leading to a tan, and also increases sexual arousal and libido. It has never been approved for use in humans, and yet many are using it in an attempt to get a great tan without the need for excessive UV exposure. While a lot of …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffDangerous Side Effect Of Melanotan: Rhabdomyolysis
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Wide Awake with H3 Antagonist Pitolisant

Looking for a unique alternative to adrenergic stimulants that cause a host of side uncomfortable side-effects? Pitolisant may just be one of the “cleanest” wakefulness-promoting agents available. And to boot, it also decreases appetite and increases focus. Let’s talk a little bit about the H3 (Histamine) receptor and this unique antagonist/reverse agonist being researched for its effects on narcolepsy, cognitive …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffWide Awake with H3 Antagonist Pitolisant
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Pantethine to Perform Under Pressure

Do you feel exhausted more often than not? Do you experience brain-fog? Do you have oily skin? Do you think you have Adrenal fatigue? Do you feel “hung over” all the time? Then Pantethine may be a Panacea for your pursuit of high-performance perfectionism.

Metabolic Alchemy StaffPantethine to Perform Under Pressure
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Absolutely Free: Green Coffee Bean Extract

If you have been following this blog for even a few months, you know that I almost never try and pimp stuff. If I find something in studies that makes me think something is awesome, I’ll share it, and I will usually share ways of obtaining the ingredients in that research. But I have always worked hard not to just …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffAbsolutely Free: Green Coffee Bean Extract
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Best Scale for Your Buck

I have seen a lot of comment questions regarding how to weigh out some of these research products. I think it’s important for anyone doing research with compounds that are active in mg doses to be using an accurate scale. Many scales that can weigh out as precisely as 1mg (Or .001 technically speaking) are very expensive. I have found …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffBest Scale for Your Buck
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Ibutamoren: Oral Growth Hormone Release

Looking for a potent GH release that doesn’t involve needles and frustrating timing schedules? Ibutamoren (mk-677) may just fit the bill…

Metabolic Alchemy StaffIbutamoren: Oral Growth Hormone Release
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Russian Research Chemical for Increased Energy, Endurance and Immunity?

{SPECIAL DISCOUNT INSIDE} Are you feeling burned out in the gym? The coffee and energy drinks aren’t cutting the mustard? Are you stressed out and could use some relief from that nagging anxiety that keeps creeping up your back? What if I told you there was a substance invented by the russians back in the peak of the cold-war era …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffRussian Research Chemical for Increased Energy, Endurance and Immunity?