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Russian Research Chemical for Increased Energy, Endurance and Immunity?

{SPECIAL DISCOUNT INSIDE} Are you feeling burned out in the gym? The coffee and energy drinks aren’t cutting the mustard? Are you stressed out and could use some relief from that nagging anxiety that keeps creeping up your back? What if I told you there was a substance invented by the russians back in the peak of the cold-war era …

Metabolic AlchemyRussian Research Chemical for Increased Energy, Endurance and Immunity?
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Make Your Coffee Kick Ass Again

Are you a frequent coffee drinker? Does it not seem to have the same kick in the butt you need to start your morning? Do you become anxious, jittery and irritable if you drink too much? Read on if you want to know the secret to refreshing your morning ritual.

Metabolic AlchemyMake Your Coffee Kick Ass Again
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Break it Down: L-Carnitine Types and Benefits

I’ve had a lot of people requesting information about a really simple amino acid that has gotten very complicated over the years due to different types provided to the consumer. If you’re confused about what L-Carnitine does, how to optimize its benefits and what each type does specifically, read on and I’ll do my best to break it down for …

Metabolic AlchemyBreak it Down: L-Carnitine Types and Benefits
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Curcumin May Prevent Strokes

While the evidence is mounting that Curcumin is almost a miracle compound, we still have a ways to go when it comes to delivering this unique constituent of Turmeric where it needs to be.

Metabolic AlchemyCurcumin May Prevent Strokes
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Vitamin D Increases IGF-1 Levels

If you’re implementing nutritional or pharmaceutical strategies to increase Growth Hormone, and you’re not getting enough Vitamin D, you may be wasting your efforts.

Metabolic AlchemyVitamin D Increases IGF-1 Levels
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Carbohydrate: The Non-Essential Nutrient

I have mentioned this a lot in the past, but I was reminded of how important it is that everyone get this in their brain and lock it in. Interestingly enough, I was reminded of this simple fact after reading a site dedicated to raw meat diets for dogs. I don’t suggest you go out and consume uncooked chicken livers, …

Metabolic AlchemyCarbohydrate: The Non-Essential Nutrient
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Orally Active Growth Hormone Release?

Studies are being conducted right now on a research chemical that is designed to increase Growth Hormone and IGF-1 levels significantly. We already have access to GRF (Modified GRF 1-29) and several effective GHRP’s (Ipamorelin, GHRP-2, GHRP-6) which, when combined, can increase GH levels substantially. What makes this new research chemical unique?

Metabolic AlchemyOrally Active Growth Hormone Release?
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Got Fat? Eat Cocoa.

While it’s not a magic bullet by any means, it seems like every now and then I come across another study talking about the health benefits of cocoa, especially in regards to body composition, fat loss and obesity.

Metabolic AlchemyGot Fat? Eat Cocoa.
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5 Ways to Feel Great on Thanksgiving

I know the internet is littered with common sense advice on how to eat right, especially on holidays like Thanksgiving. Most of these articles focus solely on eating “properly” to avoid excessive calorie intake and with it, the weight gain. I don’t really feel like reinventing a wheel that actually doesn’t work anyways. Instead I’m going to offer up some …

Metabolic Alchemy5 Ways to Feel Great on Thanksgiving
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Bicarbonate Boosts Exercise Performance

Sodium Bicarbonate, otherwise known as baking soda, has been used as a performance enhancer for decades. The studies that have been done to show its benefits have been back and forth. A recent study has shown some pretty significant results in favor of supplementation.

Metabolic AlchemyBicarbonate Boosts Exercise Performance