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Intense Exercise Causes Intestinal Dysfunction

Glutamine has been a popular sports supplement for a long time, and I could never really understand why, until I discovered a recent study showing the effect intense exercise has on the gut, and how ibuprofen can make it worse…

Metabolic Alchemy StaffIntense Exercise Causes Intestinal Dysfunction
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Asthma Medication for Amphetamine Addiction?

A common theme on my site is inflammation. It has far ranging effects on mental and physical health. I was digging around the web when I came across yet another example of just how essential inflammation is to mental health when I discovered a drug called Ibudilast.

Metabolic Alchemy StaffAsthma Medication for Amphetamine Addiction?
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Lithium: Anabolic Antidepressant?

Lithium is a trace mineral that has wide ranging effects on several key neurological processes. It also happens to have a beneficial impact on glycogen storage, insulin sensitivity and possibly an effect on muscle protein turnover.

Metabolic Alchemy StaffLithium: Anabolic Antidepressant?
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Xenon Gas: Break Records & Beat PTSD?

Xenon gas is an interesting element, with many different uses — From car headlights to anesthesia. But now, recent research is showing that it has some potent effects, not only on neurological trauma, but physical performance as well as relief from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Metabolic Alchemy StaffXenon Gas: Break Records & Beat PTSD?
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Curcumin VS Omeprazole: Goodbye Ulcers!

Recent research into the effects of Curcumin on digestive health have shown incredible promise in treating and preventing gastric ulcers. Curcumin works its magic through several different mechanisms. You can almost think of Curcumin as an all-in-one anti-ulcer supplement. Not only does it help heal the lining of the stomach through pathways unrelated to acid control (via Omeprazole), it also …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffCurcumin VS Omeprazole: Goodbye Ulcers!
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Major Retail Brands FAIL Claims

Health supplements have been considered one of the biggest “snake-oil” scams in modern history, and for good reason. Most of the regulatory agencies that otherwise police every other market known to the US consumer don’t really chase after supplement companies and regulate their product quality, unless there is a major issue (such as the prohormone ban, or the DMAA ban). …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffMajor Retail Brands FAIL Claims
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Q&A Cerebrolysin and Anxiety Relief

I have been getting quite a few questions lately, and requests for my regimen details. Instead of responding via email, I’m going to post them here to help others and to open up discussion to those who may have found even better solutions. Please, if you have any comments or questions, hit me up or better yet, leave a comment! …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffQ&A Cerebrolysin and Anxiety Relief
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Can You Become Limitless?

I’m proud to invite Marc McDougal of Depasi Fitness Solutions to write on Metabolic Alchemy. Here’s an article he wrote for us about smart drugs and what they can (and just as importantly, can’t) do for you.

Metabolic Alchemy StaffCan You Become Limitless?
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Creatine for Depression

I heard it once said that the opposite of depression is not happiness. It is vitality. Those with depression experience a loss of vital energy that is needed to engage in what others would consider small tasks. It should be of no surprise then, even though I was a bit taken back, that something as simple as Creatine Monohydrate could …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffCreatine for Depression
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Dangerous Side Effect Of Melanotan: Rhabdomyolysis

Many people are now using a research peptide called Melanotan II, which increases melanin secretion, leading to a tan, and also increases sexual arousal and libido. It has never been approved for use in humans, and yet many are using it in an attempt to get a great tan without the need for excessive UV exposure. While a lot of …

Metabolic Alchemy StaffDangerous Side Effect Of Melanotan: Rhabdomyolysis